Tubertini Toda FX 6500



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Tubertinin uusi kela ja pohajongintaan. Iso matala puola mahdollistaa pitkät heitot ja nopean siiman sisäänkelauksen,

Kelassa on myös veivin pikataittonappula.

  • paino 400g
  • jarru 7,5kg
  • välitys 5,0:1
  • siimatilavuus 0,20mm/200m

The series of reels Toda FX is composed of two sizes the 4500 and the classic 6500. Featuring a rotor with oversized spool and a small body that encloses a very powerful mechanics. Ideal for all fishing techniques that require power in recovery and excellent fluidity of the line that increases casting performance. The 4500 size is ideal for match fishing, bolognese and lake trout while the 6500 version is perfectly suited to heavy spinning (both in sea and fresh water), feeder, lake trout with large “bombarda” and beach ledgering. The RFO spooling system and the Slow Oscillation System allow you to recover up to 120 centimeters of monofilament per turn of the handle for size 6500 and prevent the coils from overlapping in a disorderly manner; all this leads to more precise casts and better fluidity in the recovery phase. The stock spool is Match type with a capacity of 0.20mm – 200m, but an optional spare spool with a capacity of 0.33mm – 250m is available.