Tubertini Flexo 6500


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Tyylikäs uutuus kela Tubertinilta. Ryobin valmistama kela jossa iso matala puola. ERittäin hyvä niin feeder kun kelaongintaan. Puola varmistaa pitkät heitot ja nopean sisäänkelauksen,

  • Paino 380g
  • Siimatilavuus 200m/0,20mm
  • Välitys 5,0:0

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Reel designed specifically for competition, with match spool and one touch handle. It is available in two sizes, 4500 and 6500, ideal for match fishing, bolognese or feeder. It is equipped with a very reliable and robust mechanics supported by 4 high quality ball bearings and a roller bearing, all enclosed in a graphite body, the material of which the rotor is also composed and which gives strength and rigidity. Excellent value for money.