Ryobi Slam Feeder 6500



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Jos etsit uutta feederkelaa niin tässä on kela ihan parhaasta päästä. Matala puola varmistaa ettei ole liikaa kitkaa ja heitot pysyy pitkinä ja kelaaminen on nopeeta.

Tyylikäs musta väri ja EVA kelanuppi varmistaa että ote pitää vaikka sormet olisikin vähän mäskissä.

  • Laakerit: 6+1
  • välitys: 5.0:1
  • paino: 320 gr

The new RYOBI SLAM ULTRALEICHT is loaded with the highest quality Japanese high-performance stainless steel ball bearings. In addition, the screwed crank provides zero tolerances in the transmission. These innovations are the basis for an even more precise, perfected performance.
The RYOBI SLAM UL HS is one of the lightest reel on the market. The body and rotor are made from NCRT. This material is a composite in which Japanese carbon fibers generate strength and lightness. Almost indestructible, impact-resistant, UV-resistant and corrosion-free – certainly also in salt water!
The carbon fiber drag system works completely smoothly. The start-up drag is measurable at best, but not noticeable. Therefore, a readjustment during the fight is usually not necessary. Adjust to the line strenght, done!
The RYOBI 6500 SLAM ULTRALIGHT FEEDER is the perfect power reel for feeder fishing and long-cast missions. The sturdy power reel has a spool stroke optimized for thin braided lines. It ensures the cleanest line distribution and the best line delivery for the longest casts. Equipped with 2 spring-loaded metal line clips.

6 Bearing System
5 stainless steel bearings including 2
japanese bearings
1 stainless steel roller bearing
NCRT body and rotor
Titanium main shaft with bronze captive
nut (spool supporter)
Aluminium spool (CNC machined)
Waterproof carbon drag system
Permanent infinite anti reverse
Screwed CNC aluminium folding handle
EVA handle knob
2 spring loaded metal line clips
G-stopper bail