Fox Replicant pike 20cm 100gr SN pike


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Hauet syö haukia. Tässä yksi Foxin suosituimmista haukiveiheistä. Löytyy 20 ja 25cm ja kahta  eri väriä.

Varastossa viikolla 34/2018

Pike eat pike, there’s no denying that, and that’s exactly what the new Realistic Pike Replicant takes advantage of. Coming in 20 and 25dm sizes, the new lure is highly-realistic in profile, while its large paddle tail delivers a thumping, rolling action that pike find difficult to ignore.

  • Two sizes; 20 and 25cm
  • Three colour options
  • Highly realistic prey body shape
  • Highly realistic colour patterns
  • High-end hooks
  • Belly hook rotation system to help maintain hook holds